The Top 5 Home Buyer Personality Types

The Top 5 Home Buyer Personality Types

Have you ever wondered what the personalities are beyond the purchases that take place in real estate? As we head into the holiday homebuying season, I thought that it would be a great time to identify the top 5 home buyer personality types which one are you?

Home buyer personality types:

The Sideline Buyer - This buyer is usually the one waiting on the sidelines hoping for interest rates and prices to drop. They want to purchase a home but believe that all stars will perfectly align to make this happen. Unfortunately, this circumstance is very rare, as most real estate markets have a healthy balance of high home appreciation, a decent buyer pool, and a functioning economy.
The Move-In Ready Buyer - This buyer is looking for a turnkey property that is presented well online and shows well in person. Oftentimes this will result in purchasing new construction or newer home builds that require little to no deferred maintenance or repairs after closing.
The Fixer Upper Buyer - While this buyer is looking for a great deal, they also realize that the deal they're seeking will come with a need for a little TLC. They're not afraid of painting, updating a kitchen or bath, or even replacing windows throughout the property if the home comes at a great price. Fixer Upper buyers more often than not, end up showing interest in acquiring investment properties to remodel and sell, or lease for rental income.
The More for Less Buyer - This buyer wants all of the bells and whistles, and usually browses online prior to understanding what price tag those wishes come at. Believe it or not, I enjoy assisting this Buyer. They are usually able to understand very quickly the value of a great home and realize that they're willing to pay for it after completing the pre-approval process as well.
The First-Time Dream Home Buyer - This buyer tends to want everything to be 100% of what they want, or they want nothing at all. Unfortunately, unless you plan to exponentially increase your income and/or alleviate most or all of your other monthly debt, this is typically an unrealistic goal to set. As time wears on, property values increase, and many first-time homebuyers quickly realize that they've passed on really great, well-priced properties that may have met 80-90% of their expectations. No matter what buyer personality you identify with most, I can help. Schedule your buyer consultation here Let's get started!

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